Top Active WSOP Promo Codes to Redeem in December 2019

Greetings to all WSOP Texas Holdem lovers and regular visitors of our Free WSOP Chips fan site. WSOP Promo codes are in high demand by the players of this great game.

And this is why we will share the top and active list of WSOP Promo codes that will surely work in 2019.

If you don’t know how to get and claim WSOP promo code then it’s not a problem. Because we will be sharing all about WSOP promo codes in a great detail in this post.

List of Working and Active WSOP Promo Codes in 2019

Here are the top WSOP promo codes that you can redeem to collect free chips in World Series of Poker game.

Bonus Promo Code
50K Chips FOOLSGOLD150
50K+ Chips FINALTABLE2019
100K Chips MAINEVENT2019
50K+ Chips THEBIG50
List of Working WSOP Promo Codes in 2019

The above given promotional codes for WSOP are bound to work if you redeem them before their expire.

Because after expiry, it’s just going to give you a sad prompt saying, ‘Code is cold, try claiming the hot ones’.

In this case, we highly suggest you to navigate to our WSOP Promo codes category page where you can easily find the latest list of current month or previous months.

From there, you can find the codes that are working and then redeem free chips in WSOP.

And if none of the lists’ codes work for you then you don’t need to worry or be sad because we post ample WSOP free chip links daily. And they also help you redeem free chips in WSOP.

To find the new posts contain links for WSOP free chips, head to our homepage and click the top (latest) posts from the grid.

Follow the instructions which are given in every post of WSOP free chips to get WSOP free chips bonus.

How to Redeem the Promotional Codes in the Game?

Redeeming the codes in WSOP are not difficult. Just follow the instructions in this section to successfully redeem your promotion codes.

  1. Open the WSOP Game main screen.
  2. Click on the Green ‘Get Chips’ button in the top bar.
  3. Once a new window of chips store is open, click the Blue ‘Redeem’ button in the left lower corner.
  4. When the ‘Redeem Code’ window/box appears, Enter your code and Click the Redeem button to get free chips.
  5. Claim the free WSOP chips and enjoy your hands with more chips!

We hope that claiming the WSOP codes wasn’t difficult, if anything was unclear you can refer to many guides and helpful material available for WSOP players on our WSOP Helpful info category.

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