250K WSOP Free Chips Code & Link – Avail Latest Promotion

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This post is a special one. Because you are going to get both, a link and promo code for WSOP free chips megabonus. And these are pretty rare as they are not given out frequently. 

But there’s a catch, you can either claim the bonus of 250K chips via quick link. Or you can get the WSOP megabonus by claiming the latest WSOP promo code.

We will provide you with both, the link and promo code and its up to you how you want to claim your WSOP bonus. Method for both ways are also provided in case you are unable to get the bonus.

Click the Below Button to Claim 250K+ WSOP Chips with Link

Get 250K+ WSOP Chips via Link

Click Here for More Chips

Follow These Instructions If You Are Unsure on How to Claim the Bonus

  • Click on the “Click Here to Get WSOP Free Chips” Button.
  • Wait for the WSOP App to open and fully load
  • You will see a pop-up dialogue box telling you that “You get XYZ Chips X Status Benefits”
  • Close the dialogue or watch the video to get more chips
  • Enjoy your free chips in WSOP.

Enter the Below Promo Code in the Game and Get 250K+ WSOP Chips

Just enter this promo code in the redeem promo codes section after clicking getting chips in the top bar: THANKYOULOUNGE500

Make sure to write the Promotional code as one single string. Otherwise, it won’t work.

If you are unsure on how to claim the WSOP promo code, follow the below guidelines.

Please keep in mind that you can only claim these promo codes once. It doesn’t matter if you claim it via the link or you manually go and enter the promo code.

Follow These Steps if You Don’t Know How to Redeem the WSOP Promotion Code

  1. Click on the green ‘GET CHIPS’ button in the top bar right after your profile name (The button on the left of ‘SPECIALS’ button).
  2. Tap the ‘REDEEM’ button in the left lower corner of the next opened window of Chips Store (The button below ‘Promotional Code’ text).
  3. You will see the ‘REDEEM CODE’ window popping right after you click that button.
  4. Enter your code and click the ‘REDEEM’ button on the left (THANKYOULOUNGE500 in this case).
  5. Have fun with the free extra WSOP chips!

Important Details About These WSOP Freebies & Chip Bonuses

  • We do not own or make these chip bonus links or promotional offers
  • Our site has no affiliation or link with WSOP Game or Playtika in any way
  • These promotions that we share or the WSOP game is virtual does not involve any real money or prizes
  • Sharing and spreading the word about these promotions by posting new links together with proper guide is what our site does for user’s ease
  • Home and source of these links or promotions is solely Playtika which is the developer of WSOP
  • There’s no guarantee that the updates we share here on our site will always work because these can be expired or already claimed by you before
  • We don’t and will never ask you to fill any surveys, download anything or signup anywhere

If you successfully followed all above instructions and didn’t get the bonus. Then it was because the link or Promo code was expired or you’ve already claimed the bonus.

And you can visit our homepage to get more free WSOP free chip links and promo codes’ information in this case.

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